Our Story

Penny Mae is all about living your life to its fullest without having the stress of worrying about your personal items. We have created every bag with your adventures in mind so that you can have the ease and convenience to live MORE and worry LESS.
My name is Toni Weaver. I created Penny Mae as a solution to store all of my personal items in a safe and convenient way while on our family adventures. After a recent trip to Mexico with our family, I realized that I needed a place to put my money and valuables without having to worry about getting pick-pocketed while walking through busy streets. I needed a place to store our passports, plane tickets, and cash without having to take my backpack on and off multiple times while at the airport. I needed something fashionable, yet functional. That's where the idea of Penny Mae came into mind.
I borrowed the idea of the classic "fanny pack," but also wanted to create something with a little more style and character. Along with the classic fanny, I quickly sketched up two more designs that I fell in love with. Penny Mae, my second daughter, came to mind when brainstorming possible name ideas and it stuck! We now have three selling designs with more on the way. 
Penny Mae is all about offering you a convenient way to enjoy your life adventures so that you can live more, and worry less. Since creation, Penny Mae has been used at theme parks, outdoor hikes and outings, sporting events, and travels around the world. Where will Penny Mae take you?